About Efficax Transit

Efficax, Effective – it’s my strength.  As a specialist in company start-ups, business registrations, incorporation, office management and procurement with vast experience across varied sectors,  I can provide you with seamless personalised services to get your venture off the ground and into fruition.

Or if you are already on the ground but have yet to hire help, I am on standby to relieve you on specific adhoc assignments on a per call basis and provide you with guaranteed results.

Whether you are an expat in need of an employment pass, visa/s or wanting to set up an office or establish a home, or a local in need of an extra hand to run your errands, plan a surprise party, organise a sight-seeing trip for very important visitors, I will be able to take the planning and organizing off your hands.

Perhaps all you need is a reasonably priced chauffeured trip to neighbouring Kuala Lumpur, take in the country sights in Johor or to venture into the sands and the sea along the East Coast of Malaysia?

Do ring me on +65 9863-2099 or email me at june.hashim@yahoo.com.sg to discuss your assignment, or to simply find out more about something that is on your mind.


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